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Hello, Mr. Zimmermann!

I am indirectly involved in mechanical engineering as a distributor of coating powders, but you are right, it is an exciting time. To your questions: Yes, as a salesman with heart and soul the power is still there, even if the customers prefer to stay away. But you come to terms with it. And you realize that sales from the home office also has tangible advantages.

Unused travel time? Not anymore. It's like blown away. But always this annoying appointment begging on the phone. To my taste still too much. Well, if you have the customer on the line, it is already an appointment. What I call the personal glue is missing - the interpersonal component - but a phenomenal efficiency is moving into the appointments on the phone. And that is something we are all learning to appreciate. New times just show new ways!.

But one thing lies completely idle: the important and continuous approach to new customers. And that's why I'm going to take a look at your link to proaktiv.chat.

Here we go: Ignite the proaktiv.chat! 😉

Give yourself a better chat experience & result for your customers. You are ready to go in no time.

We are looking forward to your checkered “proaktiv.chat lily of the valley project”.

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