What is special* about proaktiv.chat? 😁

From A for analysis of your sales goals to Z for satisfaction of your chat users. And don’t forget the K for customer bait in your story telling. After all, the bait should taste good to your customer and not the other way around, right? We want to push you far ahead in your customer journey. If your customers are still open for solutions, where they are looking for a solution provider. This includes a well thought-out communication strategy that makes your special features – i.e. USPs – shine in proaktiv.chat.

* We are a member of the VDMA Software & Digitization Association and proud of it because this fantastic network is like a giant bag of intelligent added value. If you reach into it, you constantly discover something new. By the way: The values of the association are groundbreaking, practical and powerful and serve as a guideline in our projects.

Here we go: Ignite the proaktiv.chat! 😉

Give yourself a better chat experience & result for your customers. You are ready to go in no time.

We are looking forward to your checkered “proaktiv.chat lily of the valley project”.

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